■Name search
The Cocktails can be found by typing the full name or part of it.
About the desired cocktail, not only the ingredients but also details about the preparation method, taste and alcoholic strength can be found.
You can easily recognize a cocktail upon its image that is also included.

■Image search
You can find the cocktail that best fits you by searching upon the cocktail's characteristics: base(Gin, Vodka, etc) color and style(Cool, Gorgeous, Sexy, Tropical, Mysterious, etc)

You can rate your favorite cocktails from 1 to 3 stars.
It shows a list of your favorites.

■Today's lucky cocktail
"Today's lucky cocktail" is a function that helps you have a cocktail randamly.
Enjoy shaking the Android like a bartender!

■"ml" or "oz"
As for the ingredients measurement units, both ml and oz can be used.



Paid Apps
【Supported devices】iOS 8.0 and newer, Android 2.3 and newer

Free Apps
【Title】DreamCocktail Lite
【Supported devices】iOS 8.0 and newer, Android 2.3 and newer

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