Welcome to iShogi Salon!
iShogi Salon is the revolutionary 3D Japanese chess iPhone/iPod Touch app on the DreamOnline’s original product series.

Shogi is one of the variants of Chess native to Japan. Many strong Chess players have found Shogi to be a great game to play because of its distinctive “drop” rule, which is captured pieces could be returned to the board to be used as one's own.

You already know it's fun to play a game on your device but you can multiply the fun when you play with your friends over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

iShogi Salon offers great opportunities to enjoy Shogi between two players via Bluetooth, or challenge other network players and the current 2009 computer Shogi champion engine in the internet Shogi community (the salon). iShogi Salon is the best designed Shogi game for beginners to advanced players.
3 levels of difficulties in single player mode
Play “head-to-head” via Bluetooth
*** This function is not available on the first generation iPod touch because of not having Bluetooth.
Choose from Japanese or Chess piece set
-Save/Load options
-Access to saved game history
Tutorial and technical support from DreamOnline's homepage

【Release date】
Now on sale!


iPhone/iPod touch and iPad
iOS3.0 or later, iOS4.3 tested


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