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So easy making a ringtone is! So easy making a ringtone is!
ShowTime is an Application which can make movies.
You can add your movies taken by iPhone's camera to musics.
And, you can also add your voice to movies!

So, you can enjoy this application in many ways.
  • Karaoke - add voice or movies to instrumental musics -
  • Recording - add sound to movies -
  • Original movies
etc etc...

capture images

Various effects Various effects
Let's try Karaoke!
  • Tap 'SELECT' button, and select a music or music video. you can buy karaoke music by iTunes also.
  • Select which camera you take movie by main camera or front camera in iPhone(iPad, iPod touch).
    In case music video, you can add your voice to video movie.(only one not protected by copyright.)
  • If the music have words registerd, You tap 'SHOW the WORDS' button, the words are shown.
  • Let's start recording! tap 'REC' button! Tap 'ECHO' button, an echo is applied to your voice.
  • the music finih, you input saving file name and movie is saved. Saved movies can see in 'Saved files'.
Enjoy ringtone with friends and families! Enjoy ringtone with friends and families!
Save files to Camera Roll
You can save your movie in Camera Roll in iPhone.
The movie saved to Camera Roll can see by 'Photos' application also.

Upload to YouTube
You can upload your movie to YouTube directly.
Login by Google account, input title, explain, tags, category and privacy, then tap 'Upload' button!
You can tweet to Twitter uploading your movie.
bonus bonus
'Showtime' have not only vasic and black skin as this site, but also pop and white skin of user interface.
It can change from 'Settings' application of iPhone.
Plaease enjoy this application by a skin you like!
Detail Detail
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  • $ 2.99
  • Japanese
  • English
  • iOS 5.0 over
  • iPhone4,4S,iPad,iPod touch
'ShoeTime' uses the Google GData Objective-C Client under the terms of the Apache Licence, version 2.0.

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If you have any question about 'ShowTime', please visit our web site(Language: Japanese).
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